Thursday, February 15, 2018

February Update!

Happy Valentine's Day from us to you!!

Thank you to all the parents that have supplied us with treats for our Valentine's Day breakfast!

In math we are working on adding larger numbers! We have been using place value as a way of looking at numbers to make it easier to add. 

We have using  "partial sums" by taking our numbers apart by place value to add really big numbers!

Here is an example:  28 + 34 =    20 + 30 = 50    and  8+4= 12  then: 50 + 12 = 62

Keep practicing math facts subtraction and addition to 20! This builds such a great foundation to move forward in math!

We have been working hard on informational writing. This shares what we know and have learned about a topic.  We will be working on opinion writing as we move forward.

Make sure to keep reading at home.  Please help your child track their reading and be proud of how much they initiate reading on their own! Let them read the same books over a few times! It builds fluency.  Introduce them to something new, but allow them to go back to the favorites. Don't forget, you reading to them is very important too! You are showing great reading habits with your fluency, self correction, expression, and commenting to show you are paying attention as you read!

Some important dates:  Concert Tuesday, 2/20/18 at the High School!
                                      Report Cards come home Friday, 2/ 23/18

                                     Last day of school before February break is Friday, 2/23/18
                                     Parent conference dates: Monday, March 5, and Tuesday March 6. Please go                                         the school website to sign up!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

It's has been a very busy couple of weeks! We had to say good by to Miss Lacey. She is pursuing a career in Education that is very specific.  Her new job will give her the training she needs to get the experience required for her to fulfill her dreams! We wish her luck and will miss her!

Please remember we are collecting food for the food shelf to celebrate our 100 Day of School!
Yes! Can you believe it? 100 Days! I have tried to attach the flyer here but Blogger won't let me! I'll try to send home another paper copy on Monday.

We have been using Open Number lines in math. This is one strategy the children have been using to add larger numbers together!

We will be doing a lot with data and number stories these next 2 weeks!

Balance and Motion has been a lot of fun! Can you balance a pencil on the end of your finger?

Our indoor recess! Wow! Watching strategies is so much fun!

Keep reading every day! Ask your child a lot of questions that they need to go back and find the evidence to answer in their books!

We will be getting ready for report cards soon! We are doing a lot of work with informational writing.  We are learning how to use information from a few resources and be able to share the important things we learn in our writing!

We will have a small gathering for Valentine's Day.  We hope to have a short breakfast in the morning to share our kindness to each other.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Welcome Back!

Hope this finds you all enjoying a wonderful and Happy New Year!

We had such a busy week just before vacation! We topped it off with a camp out that we were thrilled to share with our Kinder Buddies! We wrote some great stories about people that make us melt and played some great math games!

Some of our math games practiced our math facts! We are really working on getting faster and using our additions strategies!

Keep practicing at home, it really makes a big difference!
 We played a store game which is a great introduction to us talking more about money next week! Please pull out some coins and start counting!  We will also be talking about making change and counting up!

I hope everyone has been reading over vacation! We are excited to continue with Non-fiction. We will continue looking at conventions of Non-fiction and how it helps us read and understand Non-fiction better.

Have a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 15, 2017

This week we...

What a busy week!

In math we have been working with base 10 blocks and learning about place value.  We also have been learning how to add bigger numbers using our base 10 blocks. This week we have played Race for the Flat and Target.  Ask your child how to play or go to the Everyday Math website on the right side of our blog to learn how to play.

Here we are playing Target and Race for the flat!

We have been working on Scratch Jr. to illustrate our writing! Here are a few examples!

We have been learning about other customs and traditions that many people in our own community may be doing at this time of year! Here we are enjoying the traditional game of Dreidle!

We also had a Mystery Skype with a classroom in Canton, Illinois!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

This week we...

We had a very busy week! We began thinking about non-fiction to read and write. We are looking at the conventions we see when we read non-fiction. It is so interesting how different authors choose to write about something they have learned a lot about.

We are still practicing helper facts to help us add and subtract to 20 faster and will more ease. We will be beginning to talk more about telling time this week.

Keep reading at home and getting those monthly calendars in! We broke our record for how many days we all read when we added them all together!

We will be working hard "coding" this week as it is Hour of Code week. This is something that is done globally not just here in our school! We will be using an app called Scratch Jr.  Please talk to your child about this app.  If it is available to you, download it with your child and have some fun!

We practiced "ed" can make 3 sounds!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thank you!

Thank you!
I wanted to express a huge thank you to all of you for coming to conference! It was great to see all of you and have a chance to celebrate your child!

A big topic that came up with many of you is how you can help out more at home. Don't forget that I do ask all our children to read everyday for a minimum of 20 minutes. This makes a huge difference!  I do send math homework home about once a week. I do this for three reasons. First, to help your child with responsibility to get something home and back to school, second, to communicate better what we are doing in math, and finally for just a little bit more practice for your child.

However, two most helpful ways you can help us are to practice math facts subtraction and addition to 20, and going up and down the number grid.  Please remember you have access to our Everyday Math resource book. There are games you can play to keep practicing fun.

Please ask your child about our helper facts. These are facts like doubles, and ways to make 10 to make adding and subtracting easier.

This week we will be beginning our practice in writing non-fiction. We will be looking at conventions of non-fiction writing and what authors use to make reading and writing non-fiction fun.

We will be finishing our study of Nutrition this week.  We will begin talking about different traditions and customs that many people in our own community may be doing either at this time of year or perhaps other dates that are important. Our goal is to make our students aware of, and respect some similarities and differences of the people in our community. If any of you have expertise in a tradition or custom that our students may not be aware of, please contact me! We would love to have you share!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Camping Out

We had a lot of fun on our Comfy Wednesday camping out in our classroom! Check out what we did!

We wrote in our tents by lantern light! We played math games and fished for review math problems in Lake Champlain. We read by flashlight and had story around the campfire with campfire treats!